Since 1932, and for generations to come, we’ve been here to help you build your dreams from the ground up.

Welcome to East Dedham Builders Supply, A cherished establishment deeply rooted in the heart of Dedham, Massachusetts since 1932.

Nestled across from Mother Brook, East Dedham Builders Supply stands as a testament to timeless craftsmanship and unwavering dedication. For four generations, The Huntoon Family has been serving homeowners & contractors across the greater Boston area, offering an unparalleled selection of quality lumber and hardware essentials. Stepping onto our premises, you are greeted by the rustic charm of weathered wooden beams and the comforting aroma of freshly cut timber—a nostalgic reminder of simpler times.

Beyond lumber, our hardware store boasts an extensive array of tools, fasteners, and accessories to fuel your creativity and ingenuity. From power drills to paintbrushes, nuts, bolts, and beyond, we stock only the finest brands and products to ensure your projects stand the test of time. But it’s not just the products that set us apart—it’s the personalized service and expertise that have been passed down through generations. Our knowledgeable staff, with decades of collective experience, stand ready to assist you with expert advice, tailored recommendations, and solutions to even the most intricate challenges.

At East Dedham Builders Supply, we don’t just offering a selection of quality lumber and hardware essentials—we foster a sense of belonging, community, and shared purpose. We take pride in being more than just a business; we’re a trusted ally, a reliable partner, and a cherished cornerstone of local heritage.

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